crusherX-Live! 7

crusherX-Live! 7.1
granular synthesis sound system
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crusherX-Live!  is a stand alone synthesizer application whose powerful real-time granular synthesizer algorithm enables you to synthesize very complex sounds and cool multichannel waves. crusherX-Live! does distill and transform sounds quite radically. Based on traditional granular synthesis, crusherX-Live! can be used as a synthesizer or as a versatile effects unit. Features: up to 10 channel ASIO/DirectX, realt-ime or fileb ased grain generation, MIDI, Effects, Sampler, FM DCO, joystick force feedback interaction, physical modelling X/Y controller.

it is more than sound... it is more than music ... it is the crusher!

What's new?

crusherX-Live! 7 introdcues a new vapor parameter: X-Crush is invented by accSone 2014 and unique in the world of granular synthesis: It adds a special asymetric ring-modulation transformation feeded by the overlap of each grain with its successor. While interacting dynamical with the other vapor parameters X-Crush will lead from subtile ringing artifacts up to extreme phase shifting and distortion sounds. The UI is reworked to support a better integration into professional environments. crusher-Live! supports Windows 8.1

Requirements to run crusherX-Live!
crusher-X comes with a DSP engine that runs on Win platforms with standard soundcards.
crusher-X Algorithm

The crusher-X algorithm is based on the traditional granular synthesis algorithm (Xenakis, Roads, Wilkins) invented in the early 1950s. In granular synthesis, short (e.g. 50 milliseconds) sound fragments, "the grains," come from a fixed file buffer. The starting time, length and silence between the grains can be modulated. More than one grain at a time is possible, so you can create complex sound "clouds" from any sound signal. 

How does it work?
On the left side of the interface you see the input sections: Samplers, Live-Inputs, Feedback and DCOs.