Granular Synthesis revolutionized Sound Design, Electronic and Experimental Music!
crusher-X does advanced polyphonic multichannel granular synthesis on live input in real-time!

crusher-X granular synthesizer effect plug-in for Windows (VST) and macOS (AU, VST)

Its powerful algorithm creates very complex sounds, drones and outstanding surround effects. Since 1999, the crusher-X trademark has been "the" granular effect standard. crusher-X is used by famous sound-designers, composers, musicians and film-makers all over the world.

Key features:

  • Real-time live and static, polyphonic and multichannel granular synthesis engine that creates grains from live input signals or sound files
  • Real-time modulation of all Grain parameters: Delay, Length, Birth, Speed, Sweep, Overdrive, Filter, X-Crush, Diffuse, Volume and Pan
  • MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support
  • Autotune and Pitch tracking system 
  • 10 channel surround outputs (e.g. 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 8.2, 9.1)
  • Microtonal tuning. Comes with hundreds of different tuning scales and MIDI keyboard control
  • Up to 199 individual grain streams that are processed multi-threaded (Multi-Core CPU support)
  • Physical modeling faders and an unique physical modeling X/Y controller.
  • 3D grain visualization
  • Around 150 preset patches
  • Around 270 free assignable real-time plug-in parameters, real-time MIDI control
  • Morph system for parameters and patches 
  • Unlimited undo/redo and randomize functionalities
  • Each Grain parameter owns it's individual set of LFOs
  • LFOs phase and frequency spread modulations (spreading modulations over several grain stream generators)
  • Additional global set of LFOs
  • LFOs, Live Triggers and Grain creation can be bound to the host tempo (quantization)
  • Grain lengths up to 60 seconds
  • Shadow programs
  • Meta parameter modifications with 13 adore parameters
  • Several granulation live buffer and freeze modes: Switch continuous from live processing to file processing
  • Can save live buffer at any time
  • Offline rendering
  • Automatic triggered grain buffer filling modes
  • Free editable multi-channel Compressor/Expander/Limiter stabilizes feedback and output level behavior
  • Smart latency compensation system

Feel free to try the demo!