Relaxed Piano with crusher-X 10 glitches

A live piano recording processed by crusher-X using the version 10 Glitcher Mode. Live interactions with G-Life, Filter and Speed Grain Modulations and Trigger Release times. Enjoy!

Atmos 7.2.1 "Handpan" surround installation with crusher-X and Protools

crusher-X AAX plug-in runs with long grains on a 1minute floating buffer fed by a Handpan sound track. The stereo track is transformed by crusher-X to a 7.2.1. Atmos bed track which is then downmixed over several stages to a quad monitoring and a stereo outlet for this video recording. Using tuned Arpeggio for Speed modulation and several detuning techniques with linear and splined Sweeps modulations controlled by crusher-X Physical Modeling.

How to create granular glitches with crusher-X 10?

Let's play with the new "Glitcher-X" mode on a melodic sequence. Playing around with different settings and tweaks while using:

👉 Transient triggers
👉 Different Glitch Modes
👉 MIDI MPE Keyboard
👉 Manual triggers
👉 Manual and Auto Respawn