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crusher-X 10

Granular synthesis VST/AU plug-in for Windows and macOS

Price:289,00 €
Price without VAT (outside EU):242,86 €
Price / kg:

crusher-X 10 Upgrade/Crossgrade

Upgrade/Crossgrade from all older crusher-X, crusherX-Mac!, crusherX-Studio! and crusherX-Live! versions to crusher-X 10

Price:99,00 €
Price without VAT (outside EU):83,19 €
Price / kg:

crushed Guitars Sound Pack

120 crusher-X patches. Granulize your licks!

Price:49,00 €
Price without VAT (outside EU):41,18 €
Price / kg:

crushed with the 28'' Wind Gong Sound Pack

120 crusher-X patches. Push the grains to the next level: Dedicated for real sound experimentalists!

Price:49,00 €
Price without VAT (outside EU):41,18 €
Price / kg:

Going Down The Grain Sound Pack

148 crusher-X patches. DJ/Dance/Trance/Techno and MPE

Price:69,00 €
Price without VAT (outside EU):57,98 €
Price / kg: